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Beginning Forex Market

Almost one hundred percent you have reached the desired page, scoring in the search query “Opening Forex “, this definition has several meanings. One may interested in the history of foreign exchange market, the other at the opening of trading on the various sessions, and already familiar with the basics of currency Forex trading interested […]

Forum Forex traders

Recent years, the rapidly growing in all respects international currency market Forex and every trader has an opportunity to get information via the forum Forex traders. Recent years, usually arising forum Forex traders dedicated to a particular issue of trading activity, or belongs to a particular dealing center, and not surprisingly, that now every forum […]

Interaction Techniques

Not any one transaction is not complete without a thorough analysis & prediction and it, in turn, is not possible without special trading strategy. Forex trading is becoming more popular. User-friendly software, favorable terms of trade and the spread of computer technology are a key element in this development. What is a trading strategy in […]

Trading Discipline

Trading psychology has set itself the solution of various problems. Among the key – the discipline is main factor when trading. It is complex and vast subject. Discipline implies first of all, his ability to follow certain rules, invented by the trader or (if it is trading on other people’s systems) written by more experienced […]

Forex Fundamental Analysis

The fundamental analysis provides a good picture of the forex market along with the sentimental and technical analysis. Of course it is of importance to the three analyzes. That way you can look at the market from different angles. So you can build certain securities and earn more money with forex. The fundamental analysis is what it is a […]

Pinbar Forex Trading Setup

How do you recognize a pinbar The Pinbar is recognized by its long shadow on the top and very short or no shadow at the bottom. Some call it the long shadow of his long nose. The name pinbar is indeed a derivative of Pinocchio bar, which refers to the fairy with long Pinocchio nose. […]

Timing Alerts for Price Actions

As you grow as a newbie Forex trader, your alerts will be your new best friend. Everyone has their own approaches and things that they specifically are interested in, and luckily whatever Forex platform or software you choose will give you a wealth of analysis options and alert capabilities to play with, so once you […]

What is momentum?

The Forex momentum indicator is used to predict a trend change & price reversal at resistance and support trading range levels. In simple words, Forex momentum mainly calculates the value of the commodity price shifts during a definite period of time. The momentum is quickly growing as a technical indicator in Forex trading. The Forex […]

What is Candlesticks Chart?

Candlesticks chart is one of the most useful charts in Forex. They help you to know the open, high, low and close value of the Forex market. The candlesticks chart is generally divided into two parts. The first part is called the “Real Body”. This is the main portion in the chart which displays the […]

Best Currency Pairs

Forex trading, which is also known to some as foreign exchange, is the market where you trade currencies based on their trade values at the time of the trade. Whenever you are trading currencies on the forex market, it is done in pairs. You can never trade a currency with its currency, as you’d just […]