Beginning Forex Market

Almost one hundred percent you have reached the desired page, scoring in the search query “Opening Forex “, this definition has several meanings. One may interested in the history of foreign exchange market, the other at the opening of trading on the various sessions, and already familiar with the basics of currency Forex trading interested in opening an account. Below will make a brief exposition of these concepts, more detailed information on the terms of interest can be read on other sites.

Absolutely precise date of formation of the Forex market is quite difficult to establish, but many believe that the opening of Forex occurred August 15, 1971, on this day, then the current U.S. president Richard Nixon, issued a decree to annul the free convertibility of dollars into gold. It was forced, yet bold step releases the dollar to float freely.

It was a powerful impetus to promote rapid formation of global currency trading based solely on market relations in which all quotes are formed solely on supply and demand for each particular currency or metal. In the years since its formation, the Forex market is rapidly progressing, constantly improving and increasing the total volume of trading. Today, the Forex market is the largest financial market in many superior in importance to the global economy all the rest. Are now clearly formed all the rules and regulations in force in the market.

Opening a Forex trading (time functioning of various trading sessions)

As for opening Forex market at the moment, it must be noted that the graph functioning foreign exchange market is very tight, the Forex market is open for trading transactions around the clock with a gradual transition from one trading session to another. All trading activity stops on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at this time of all transactions in the Forex market is completely terminated.