Trading Discipline

Trading psychology has set itself the solution of various problems. Among the key – the discipline is main factor when trading. It is complex and vast subject. Discipline implies first of all, his ability to follow certain rules, invented by the trader or (if it is trading on other people’s systems) written by more experienced teammates.

Most novices read about Forex exchange rates and Forex charts in the book, it seems that there is nothing easier than to follow their same instructions. Therefore, beginners should know that it is not as easy as it seems. The fact is that the Forex market is no clear concepts during trading. There is more precisely, but it happens very rarely. This mathematics – either plus or minus, in Chemistry – an alkali or acid as Forex virtually impossible in most cases to give a definite answer.

Therefore, the trader is lost, confused, and often do not notice any criteria or do to change his mind in the course of trade. And when the deal closes in the negative, he begins to reproach for breaking the rules. This situation is repeated again and again, and, as a rule, on its removal takes time, which, by the way, also depends on most trading systems and algorithms which it laid.

Another problem on the way to financial success, which eventually faces the trader is gambling. It should also be attributed to the field of psychology. Excitement – the feeling, known to almost all. But, most are not all fully aware of the harm that may be caused during the excitement of currency trading.

There is excitement, usually for beginners. When you first open an account and take the first transactions. If they are closed profitable, a trader familiarly feels of waking up, and he begins to behave differently. First, he wants more profit. Because of this, the trader often enters into transactions where should refrain from trading. Sometimes strongly departs from the trading system, trying to open a position almost at random.